College Road Trip!

I packed up the kids for a road trip to the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma last week, so that we could see their big brother.  He is the oldest, my firstborn, the reason I became a mom.  Perfect in his mother’s eyes, the sun rises and sets on the oldest.  Right?  Heh heh.  I’m learning that eventually, even tow headed little angels grow up to be big hairy boys with college dorms and apartments that smell like…well, probably like how John Belushi smelled in Animal House.  876_john_belushi_animal_house_broadway_musicalBut he is my hairy college boy and I was so thrilled to see him, and so excited to take the kids to OU Homecoming, especially since our next oldest is going to be a junior next year. This is us as we waited for the Game Day Shuttle to take us to the game from my son’s apartment.  Norman is small and it basically shuts down on OU game days so driving and parking are difficult. john


We left in the third quarter because the Sooners were winning by a huge lead and decided to head over to Fuzzy’s Tacos, which is located at Campus Corner at OU. Visiting Fuzzy’s is a must do when you are at OU. The line was backed out the door, but it’s where the kids got the best people watching experience, to say the least!  Pretty girls in boots and game day clothes, clean cut guys, a handful of parents here and there…and a crisp fall evening.

The queso at Fuzzy’s is really unique. Not only does it have the usual cheesy goodness, but it is topped with Feta Cheese.  Yes!  I know, right?  It gives the queso such a great finish.  I’m from Houston, and I can talk queso like it’s wine, just so you know. img_5709

And just in case this post made you wistful for your college years, I’ve posted some pics of my son’s “crash pad,” and the 200 pound dog, Duke, who lives with him and his three roommates. I love how this picture just captures the essence of being a guy:  Xbox, Dog, red Solo cup. I did not even realize those three things were in the same picture until I sat here looking at it.


And here we have the brothers lounging in the crash pad, with big brother showing them how its done.



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